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Take the Black is an energetic and irreverent pop/rock band from New York. The band consists of Eddie Mastromarino on Lead Vocals/Guitar, Tom DiCarlucci on Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals, Chris Baldini on Bass/Backing Vocals, and Sean Plunkett on Drums/Backing Vocals.

The members of the band have been friends since high school and have played music together on many different projects over the years. In 2016 they decided to start writing original music together, forming Take the Black.

Since that time, Take the Black has been working hard in the studio recently putting out their debut demo titled "Smoke up, Johnny" available on Spotify and iTunes.

“Take the Black’s “Before I Sleep” borrows from Robert Frost, but it’s a strong, dreamy composition that’ll suck you in and allow you to drift gently.”
— Rachel Cholst

“Hi everyone! This week, I am introducing you to the alternative rock band Take the Black. Learn more about their recent EP ‘Smoke Up, Johnny’ in the following interview!”
— whtybpress