New Music on the Way!

2017 has been a really great year for Take the Black! Sean got new pants, Chris got his groove back, Tom stayed fabulous, and Eddie...

Being serious, 2017 really has been a great year. We’ve been in the studio working on our follow up to Smoke Up, Johnny and we’re very excited about how it’s turning out. The new songs are really an indicator of our growth as songwriters and musicians and of the talent and ingenuity of our producer Nick. The demo is almost done and it will be available on all of our platforms on New Year’s Day. Please check it out any way that you can! You can send us your feedback via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media site that strikes your fancy. We love to hear what people are thinking of our music.

In other news, we’re also working on an acoustic demo that will feature collaborations of some of our songs with different great musicians that we’ve worked with over the years. Many of the collaborations are done and they sound incredible!

As a promotion for our new demo, we are going to be releasing a track from the acoustic collaboration every two weeks leading up to the release of our full demo on New Year’s Day!  

One of our goals for the rest of 2017 and into 2018 is to begin offering a lot more content on our social media platforms, so in addition to the bi-weekly acoustic tracks we will also be adding as much more content as we can manage, so be prepared for a busy holiday season!

So to recap: Starting November 1st we will be releasing one acoustic collaboration track every two weeks across all of our social media platforms. These tracks will come out weekly until New Year’s Day, when our full length second demo is released and available. Keep your eyes open for new content on all of our social media sites! More on that as it comes.


Thank you,

Take the Black