"...Lets take a Drive Tonight..."

    Of all of the new material, this is by far the oldest song. It's from a time before Take the Black even existed. The band was still Eddie, Chris, Tom, and myself, but we had a different name and different lives. 
    The funny thing about the song is that it aged better than anything any of us have ever written before (Actually, there's one other song I can think of that is as old, but that's for another blog post). A lot of times, you write a song one day because you're feeling some kind of emotion or having some kind of consistent thought pattern that wants to come out. Then, after a lot of time has passed, the song feels alien. Either because you're life is different or you've grown up and changed your outlook. A lot of times, it isn't even something that deep. Sometimes you look back at something you've written and you just don't think it's good anymore. 
    That didn't happen with Drive Tonight, and I think that's one of the biggest reasons it never went away. I also think it's one of the reasons that the song grew so much. In the span of time that we worked on it it kind of transformed. We came together with a song that had to be at least five years old, and when we were done it felt brand new. Musically.
    There were some small (disputed) changes in the lyrics, but they always conveyed the same thing as they do now. To use a lyric from the song, it's a story of regret. I think it's more than that though, it really makes me think of change and coming to terms with the fact that many of the things that you like about your life: The people, the moments, the things you're so familiar with eventually slip away. Not because you want them to, but because life either carries you away from them or vice versa. I think in a way, the song validates your feeling of loss, and the time spent to remember whatever it is for you. For us, it's the drives on the highway, the radio taking us away, feeling infinite. For you it could be something else. The idea is the remembrance, the validation of those feelings. If you can't acknowledge how important those nights were, maybe they weren't as important as you thought. 

    Also, let's be honest, the breakdown is amazing. Enjoy the song. As always, we worked really hard to make the track great, so we hope it is. 

    In other news its a new year! 2017 is here, and with it come more Take the Black antics. I'd call them new, but our antics are very rarely if ever new. Chris will be iced several times throughout the year, so send us some Smirnoff Ice. Here's our personal guarantee. If you send us a six pack of Smirnoff Ice, we will post six (count 'em) SIX videos of Chris being iced within 48 hours. 
    - Sean will be searching for some starchy inner peace. 
    - Tom will continue his tireless research of the bean. 
    - And Eddie, Eddie will continue his vigorous letter writing campaign to Starbucks to have them create a commemorative “Take the Black” ceramic coffee mug that doubles as a bong. 

    In other words, business as usual. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
             Take the Black
             January 7, 2017