“...Lose myself in your Hazel Eyes...” 

    Hello all from Take the Black!
    A lot has been going on for the band, so let's start with the new content.
    We finished recording a new song called “Hazel Eyes”, and it sounds incredible. In the last blog post, I mentioned that there was one song almost as old as “Drive Tonight” and it is “Hazel Eyes”. Eddie has had this song for a while, but it has been waiting to take form. He showed us the first verse several times in the past, and we took it and really put it together. If you want to hear it it's available on Spotify, just search Take the Black and let us know what you think! If you haven't treated yourself to it or any of the other songs, they're all there. We love to hear feedback from everyone!
    Hazel eyes evolved a lot at rehearsal, but in studio it really became something that went beyond all of our highest expectations. We always knew the song was good, but when all of the parts really came together it became apparent that the song was going to sound great. Chris said, and I quote, “It's my favorite song out of all the ones we've recorded.” He said it without hesitation. 
    Once again we tip our hats to Nick, who is both amazing and patient with us in the studio. We are not the most subtle or easiest to work with band, but he always manages to get the best of us. 

We're very excited for our show coming up! 

    217 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002     

and TRSTN 

Doors open @ 6:30pm

21 and over
Tickets are 8$$ at the door!

Copy and Paste the link at the bottom to buy Tickets: 

    We are beyond excited and honored to be playing with The Running Lights. Our producer Nick and his brother Mike started the band and they absolutely incredible and a must see for anyone who likes live music. 
    The other bands playing are excellent too: This is DEFINITELY a show worth missing the Super Bowl for! If it is not, Take the Black will personally give you the money you WOULD HAVE spent on Super Bowl tickets out of our own pocket!!! 
    (That was a joke) Take the Black cannot afford Super Bowl tickets for ourselves, let alone for our legions of fans, sorry guys. 
    We have been doing a lot of practicing and preparing for the show and we are excited to show people all of our songs in a live setting. If you like our content, we very excited to play it for you live. 
    In other news, expect new content from us coming soon. We are working on several songs, planning a music video for one of the ones that is already done, and trying in general to get all of these things to you as fast as we can. 
    If you can make it February 5th we hope to see you there! If you can't, keep up with us on Facebook, Instagram, and our website. Twitter will be coming soon, as soon as they stop dicking us on the handle that we can use. 

                As usual, we hope everyone is having a good new year and staying safe.                     Take care every one, and we will keep updated on what's happening with us.
          Take the Black
          January 29, 2017