We're growing up and apart. Just kidding, we're back together! Take the South of Fortune has started writing songs again ...

    It's simultaneously the best and worst feeling in the world, the split second decision, the weight. That's every moment in the studio, especially with music that you love. Everything in you wants to make the right decision at every single moment. It's easier to actually make each decision as it comes up rather than keeping the big picture in mind the whole time. Overall, you know exactly how you want it to sound, but with every one of those split second decisions about what to play, what to keep, and what to try again, that overall goal sometimes gets lost. It's hard admitting to yourself that some of those decisions won't be the best ones.
    At least that's how it had always been for us. We can't count all of the things on our recordings that we wish we could have changed or caught in the moment. That's what makes recording so nerve wracking. At the end of the session, you have to be happy with what you've played, because it's never going to change. Sometimes you have to just ignore it to not let it effect every decision you make. 
    Ever since we found a place where we're comfortable with our process, our music, and our producer, there's been less pressure and less worry and we've been able to just call the session as we see it. We're hoping that's why (In our humble opinion) it's sounds so damn good, and we hope that we can keep making the people who listen to us happy.  

Take the Black
October 1st 2016