War for your Mind

Hello there, 

    Welcome back to our blog, so nice to see you again. You're probably asking yourself, what is on the agenda for this blog post? Am I going to tackle race, class, and socio-economic status? Perhaps I'll cover the philosophical problem of existentialism as it relates to post-modern doctrines and presuppositions? Then again, I could just talk about Take the Black. I'll do that briefly, and then cover the more important stuff.  
    We're hard at work on some new stuff for you. If you're reading this, you probably follow our social media, but if you don't, we released a music video for Alive in the Moonlight, which is on our demo “War For Your Mind” that just came out. We hope that you're loving the whole demo, but especially Alive in the Moonlight. It's one of the band's favorite songs, and we're really hoping that people like it. If you do like it, definitely check out the video. 
    Shooting the video was one of the most interesting experiences that we've ever had. We shot it in Long Island City, and before I talk about it, I wanted to say thank you to all of the people who were involved in planning, setting up, being in it, and making it happen in general. A couple of special shout outs (Please excuse the names if they aren't spelled correctly) to Khalil, our videographer and director. We couldn't have shot it without his guidance. Thank you to Greg, our bartender and sexy hair guy extraordinaire. Thank you to Taylor, our star of the video, who thankfully isn't troubled like the character she played. Thank you also to Katie, Kevin, Kristen, and all of the other people who showed up to be in our crowd. We couldn't have shot the video without any of the people we had, and we want to extend our most sincere gratitude to them. We're really happy with the video, and we think everyone is going to love it. 
    We shot the whole thing within a six hour time frame. We unloaded, set up, decorated, lighted, and designed the whole set with help from all hands present. It was a really interesting experience, working with Khalil and trying to set things up so they came out just right. The alcohol in the video is very real, and though we were on a music video set, the drinking ended up being more like a bar than it was a shoot. Luckily, Greg came prepared to ACTUALLY bartend, and he did an awesome job of keeping everyone nice and liquored up so they could bear our music. 
    All in all, we think the video came our excellently and we're really proud of it, definitely check it out and we will be working on some more content for all of our fans. 

Stay warm, and keep listening, 

Take the Black